Must Reads

TechAmerica closes Oregon chapter

Trade group TechAmerica shuttered its Oregon chapter and other local groups across the country to focus on national policy efforts.

Oregon considers new forms of ID

Gov. John Kitzhaber has assembled a work group to consider alternative forms of driver identification.

Sen. Wyden offers cyber-snooping laws

Sen. Ron Wyden wants clear rules for when the government can access personal data stored on cloud computers.

FEI buys French company for $55M

Hillsboro electron microscope company bought Visualization Sciences Group, a French software company, for $55 million.

Oregon gas prices to rise in August

Oregon gas prices are expected to inch up in August, though they have held steady at $3.64 during the past week.

Hospital annex brings jobs to Junction City

Construction on the new Oregon State Hospital annex in Junction City is expected to provide hundreds of jobs.

OHSU patient data stolen

Oregon Health and Science University Hospital officials say the personal information of 700 pediatric patients was stolen.