Must Reads

Nike, Adidas Euro jerseys contain hazardous chemicals

A European consumer watchdog group said many jerseys in the Euro 2012 tournament contain harmful toxic substances.

Oregon to tax prepaid phones for 911 funds

Oregon plans to extend a tax for 911 service to prepaid cellular phones, a growing service.

Deschutes Forest project could make geothermal energy affordable

Seattle-based AltaRock Energy is beginning a $43.8 million geothermal project in the Deschutes National Forest.

Rentrak teaming with Chinese company

Portland-based Rentrak announced it will team with a Chinese company to launch the first-ever census of China's TV habits.

Wholesale stockpiles grow

U.S. wholesale businesses restocked faster in April, due to a strong gain in sales.

Oregon economy slowly recovers

Oregon's economy should continue its slow recovery over the next few months, according to the latest indicators.

Oregon City businesses thriving

Despite the Arch Bridge closure and remake of Main Street, more businesses are moving into Oregon City.