Must Reads

Eugene jeweler closing stores

Eugene-based Harry Ritchie's Jewelers is closing 10 stores in three western states.

Foreclosed homeowners could get settlement

More than 23,000 Oregonians who lost their homes to foreclosure could get a check as part of a national mortgage settlement.

Oregon Tilth calls off merger

A planned merger between Oregon Tilth and the California Certified Organic Farmers fell through, as Oregon Tilth members failed to approve the merger with a two-thirds vote.

Mortgage rates hit record low

Mortgage rates hit another record low, with the average 30-year mortgage at 3.36%.

Oregon looks to reduce greenhouse gas

Oregon's Energy Department released its first comprehensive cost analysis of ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Oregon's marijuana fight struggles as Wash., Colo. thrive

Marijuana legalization in Oregon seems to be failing, as similar measures in Washington and Colorado are thriving.

Streetcar delay increases costs 75 percent

Portland streetcar contract costs have increased by nearly 75% because United Streetcar's manufacturing is so far behind schedule.