Must Reads

20-year LED bulb goes on sale

A LED bulb that won a $10 million government contest goes on sale this Earth Day.

Homeless problem disturbs Ashland businesses

A survey of Ashland business owners found concern for safety due to homeless loiterers downtown.

Portland markets solar-powered toilets

Portland is trying to fill cities' needs for affordable public toilets with its Portland Loo.

Retail sales rise in March

U.S. retails sales rose 0.8% in March, boosted by a healthier job market.

Builder sentiment falls

Homebuilders' outlook fell in April after six months of steady or rising confidence, indicating the housing market is still weak.

Business stockpiles grow

U.S. businesses boosted their stockpiles at a steady pace in February, pointing to optimism about future sales.

Obama's Buffett rule wouldn't affect many Americans

President Obama's proposal for a "Buffett rule" tax on the rich would directly affect only a small fraction of Americans.