Must Reads

Homeownership nonprofits merging

A Portland homeownership nonprofit and a similar nonprofit serving Clackamas County are merging.

Hurricane Sandy closes Wall Street

U.S. stock markets are closed because of Hurricane Sandy, and are likely to remain closed Tuesday.

UPS expects to deliver 527M holiday packages

UPS expects to deliver 527 million packages between Thanksgiving and Christmas, passing last year's record by 10%.

Arbor Custom Homes recovering

Arbor Custom Homes, the largest local homebuilder in Oregon, is recovering from the housing collapse.

Seneca leadership shifts to daughters

Leadership of the Seneca Sawmill and the Seneca Family of Companies is shifting from founder Aaron Jones to his three daughters.

Brammo CEO wants Oregon to market green expertise

Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher says Oregon should market its green brand around the world.

OLCC names deputy director as interim chief

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission named deputy director Merle Lindsey as interim chief while the agency seeks a new executive director.