Must Reads

Vogue Knitting boosts Imperial Knits Yarn

Imperial Knits Yarn at Maupin's Imperial Stock Ranch is gaining a high profile nationwide, thanks to Vogue Knitting.

Bend named DogTown USA

Bend has been named DogTown USA, the nation's dog-friendliest city by Dog Fancy magazine.

Oregon CCOs go live this week

The first of Oregon's new coordinated care organizations go live August 1 with 260,000 patients.

Lane County RV industry reinvents itself

Once Lane County's second largest industry, the RV industry is reinventing itself.

Oregon's lack of sun could lead to earlier deaths

A new study from OSU shows that Oregon's lack of sunlight could lead to low levels of vitamin D and earlier deaths among older adults.

High grain prices benefit NW farmers

Rising grain prices from the nationwide drought are benefiting many Northwest farmers with above average yields.

Signs point to MTV's 'The Real World' coming to Portland

Although there is no official word from MTV yet, local sources are reporting that 'The Real World' will shoot in downtown Portland.