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Nike unveils Twitter program for shoe releases

Nike has introduced a new system called Twitter RSVP to manage product launches, ending the practice of standing in line for new releases.

Oregon venture capital activity slows

Oregon venture capital activity slowed in the first quarter.

Oregon E. coli outbreaks traced to raw milk

Oregon public health officials confirmed that raw milk from a Wilsonville dairy was responsible for an E. coli outbreak that left four children hospitalized.

Oregon's low-carbon fuel plans face hurdles

Oregon's plans to shift to lower carbon car and truck fuels won't take effect until at least 2015.

US Airways, American Airlines unions push for merger

US Airways and unions representing employees of the bankrupt American Airlines are pushing for a merger between the two airline companies.

Starbucks drops bugs

Starbucks is replacing the cochineal beetle coloring of its Strawberry Frappuccinos with tomato-based extract in response to a recent public relations uproar.

Portland apartment vacancy grows, but rents climb

Portland-area apartment vacancy grew to 3.72% in the last year, but rents climbed 3% in the same period.