Must Reads

Honda Fit to come with free insurance

Honda plans to lease the new Fit EV with free collision insurance included, and with a $0 deductible.

Construction sees biggest increase in five months

U.S. construction spending increased the most in five months, another indication of a slow housing sector recovery.

Timber payments won't mean rehiring deputies

One more year of federal payments to timber counties doesn't mean that the rural counties will be able to rehire sheriff's deputies and others that have already been laid off.

Olympic Trials boost sales in Eugene

Eugene-Springfield business owners kept their expectations down after disappointing sales at the last Olympic Trials, but were pleasantly surprised by increases in business this time around.

Nike earnings miss forecasts

Nike's fourth-quarter profit unexpectedly declined for the first time since 2009.

Prineville budget drops

The City of Prineville adopted a $25 million budget, $7 million less than last fiscal year.

Oregon's forests filled with promising fungus

A group of fungi in Oregon's forests evolved to digest wood, offering promise for biofuels and even to clean up environmental contamination.