Must Reads

Lawmakers spare prison jobs

An Oregon legislative panel voted to spare the jobs of 19 corrections officers and other prison officials.

Widmer expands

Widmer Bros. Brewing installed the first two of four new 1,750-barrel fermentation tanks, part of a $3 million expansion.

Portland's software industry lacks women

Portland's growing tech industry is overwhelmingly male, typically up to 80%.

Columbia River area leads economic recovery

Salem and the rest of Oregon is lagging behind the Portland area in its recovery from the recession.

Schools miss out on energy savings

A State of Oregon audit found that school districts missed out on $40 million of utility bill savings by ineffectively using money intended to save energy.

Nike gives CEO nearly 190,000 shares

The Nike board of directors compensation committee gave CEO Mark Parker nearly 190,000 shares of Nike stock.

Portland chefs woo New York at 'Oregon Food Assault'

Portland chefs and artisans presented their wares in New York at a Travel Oregon-sponsored event called "Oregon Food Assault."