Must Reads

Portland startup hopes to cut restaurant wait times

Former Pixelworks executives hope their Portland startup TablesUp can help customers better navigate restaurants.

Portland, U.S. home prices rise

Home prices in the Portland area and in many other U.S. metros rose again in July.

Shepherds Flat wind farm up and running

Shepherds Flat, the $2 billion wind farm that ranks among the world's largest, is now up and running in northeastern Oregon.

Measure 80 proponents say legalizing marijuana would net millions of dollars

Oregon, Colorado and Washington have marijuana legalization measures on the Nov. 6 ballot, and proponents say it would provide millions of dollars to the states' general funds.

College costs force many to accept second choices

69% of families had to eliminate colleges based on cost this year, according to an annual Sallie Mae survey.

Crook County lacks jail space

Due to lack of funding, the Crook County Jail currently has a waiting list of 85, and 417 were matrixed out of the system through August 2012.

Mayor Adams says Portland's economic strategy working

Mayor Sam Adams will report to the Portland City Council that the city's economic development strategy is working.