Must Reads

Millionaires on the rise again

 After declines in 2008 and 2009, the IRS says the number tax filers earnng a million or more jumped in 2010.

Markets slide despite Greek pro-bailout vote

Financial markets inititally rallied on results of elections in Greece, but fizzled on worries about the euro zone's future.

Cottage Grove businesses wary intersection plan

A $3 million plan to re-work one of the city's busiest intersections next spring and summer worries some business-owners.

Michelle Obama raises OSU commencement prestige

The first lady's presence raised the secutiry of the OSU commencement address but made it memorable.

Portland works on parking plan for Eastside

Portland's City Council is considering a new plan for parking on the Central Eastside when new streetcar service begins in September.

Higher enrollment sparks UO housing boom

Mulitple projects are in the works to expand student housing in Eugene following steady increases in enrollment.


Turnover spikes at the zoo

Morale at the "happisest place in Portland" has fallen  in the wake of stricter management, fiscal policies and operations.