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U.S. economy grows at 2 percent rate

The U.S. economy grew at an annual rate of 2% in the third quarter, slightly better than expected.

Tough divorce attorneys grapple with conflict rules

There are only a handful of high-profile divorce attorneys in Portland, and most say they’ve been the victims of spouses manipulating conflict of interest rules. But Jody Stahancyk has seen it happen to her with regularity.

State analysis: casino would shrink Oregon economy

The analysis by the nonpartisan Legislative Revenue Office takes into account all the impacts—positive and negative—from a huge casino in east Multnomah County. The bottom line: The casino would probably cost state and local governments money and, on a broader basis, actually shrink the Oregon economy.

Oregon court rules against LNG terminal

The state Court of Appeals upheld the right of Clatsop County to deny approval of a pipeline through the county to bring liquified natural gas to an export terminal near the mouth of the Columbia River.

Oregon scientists create embryos from both sexes

Scientists in Oregon have created embryos with genes from one man and two women, using a provocative technique that could someday be used to prevent babies from inheriting certain rare incurable diseases.

Forest sector 'poised for rebound'

A report from the U.S. Census Bureau shows housing starts are up 35 percent from a year ago, reinforcing a recently released Oregon industry report that showed the forest sector is "poised to rebound."

OSU wins NASA grant

OSU was one of 10 universities selected by NASA for Space Technology Research Grants aimed at "accelerating the development of 'push' technologies to support the future space science and exploration needs of NASA."