Must Reads

Salem school reuse helps district

Salem-Keizer School District closed six elementary schools in the past year, so what happened to those buildings? And did the move save as much as the district promised?

Rural PUD cuts 10 jobs

Faced with higher costs, including rising energy and personnel expenses, and sagging demand for its power, the Emerald People’s Utility District is eliminating 10 jobs.

Jackson County construction jobs grow

Jackson County's construction employment grew 4 percent year-over-year, making it Oregon's No. 2 region for job creation in the sector

PDX area sees development spurt

Several commercial and residential developments are taking shape along the Interstate corridor between Northeast Columbia Boulevard and Broadway. Some of the projects have been years in the making.

Foreclosures jump statewide

The foreclosure rate in Oregon jumped in April compared with a year earlier, while the Portland area and across the country fell slightly.

Oregon pushes electric delivery trucks

Oregon government wants trucking companies to replace their aging diesel-powered vehicles with clean running electric ones — even though they can initially cost a lot more.

Wildfire arson team back in action

Oregon’s wildfire arson patrol will be back on duty beginning next month after a two year hiatus.