Must Reads

Portland homeowners stay put

Portland homeowners are increasingly spending to remodel their current houses rather than move to a new house.

Oregon farms doing well

Willamette Valley farmers are experiencing a better summer season than in the past two years.

Poverty rising to highest since 1960s

The U.S. poverty rate is on track to rise to the highest it's been since the 1960s.

Peet's Coffee taken private

Peet's Coffee & Tea is being taken private for $977.6 million.

Judge denies contempt motion against longshoremen

Judge Michael Simon declined to hold longshoremen at the Port of Portland in contempt.

Facebook promotes data center at OSCON

Facebook's vice president for hardware design Frank Frankovsky spoke to attendees of the OSCON open source convention about the company's Oregon data center.

Oregon begins readying schools for earthquakes

Oregon is begining to fund seismic retrofits for schools to prepare them for an upcoming Cascadia subduction fault earthquake.