Must Reads

Damascus could leave urban growth boundary

Damascus is set to vote in November about whether the city should leave the urban growth boundary.

Retiring boomers struggle to find doctors

As baby boomers enter retirement and move to rural areas, they are having trouble finding doctors that take Medicare.

Gray's Landing nears completion

The first affordable housing development in Portland's South Waterfront district is set to open in November.

Oregon considers moving state fair

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Commission is studying future options for the state fair.

DIY market recovering

The do-it-yourself industry is recovering as part of a rebounding home improvement market.

Manufacturing shrinks again

U.S. factory activity shrank for the third straight month in August.

Tomato-growing power plant could bring jobs to Dallas

A proposed $60 million gas-fired electricity plant that would also grow fresh tomatoes and cucumbers could bring 120 permanent jobs to Dallas.