Must Reads

Republicans try to revive GOP in Oregon

With Oregon's next gubernatorial primary just over a year away, state Republicans are searching for a way to revive the party.

Pietro's Pizza survives ownership changes

Pietro's Pizza survived massive changes of growing from a mom-and-pop store to a chain of nearly 80 stores, back to its current three outlets.

Eugene nonprofit introduces children and adults to computer science

Eugene-based nonprofit Thinkersmith offers computer science exposure to both children and adults, increasing future job opportunities for participants.

Mussel harvest ban lifted

Oregon officials lifted a five-month ban on mussel harvesting in southern Oregon.

Privatization hurting small Washington liquor stores

Washington's liquor privatization is causing small liquor stores to lose business, and not only by walk-in customers who can now buy liquor at grocery stores.

Mentor Graphics to pay dividends

Mentor Graphics will start paying a quarterly divided.

Eugene tech company going public

Eugene-based brain monitoring equipment maker Electrical Geodesics plans to go public on the London Stock Exchange.