Must Reads

Consumer confidence rises to five year high

U.S. consumer confidence rose to its highest level in almost five years this month.

Port agreement averts strike

The Port of Portland and marine terminal security guard union leaders reached a last minute tentative agreement, averting a strike.

UO Ducks work to build brand

The University of Oregon is working to build their Ducks brand nationally.

Company hopes to sell Coos Bay sand

Ocean Grove Development Group says there is great demand for 4 million cubic yards of sand on a Coos Bay property.

Central Oregon gets webcams as fire lookouts

A pair of webcams were installed above Lake Chinook in Central Oregon to act as fire lookouts.

Oregon Christmas tree growers see healthy demand

After a recent surplus of Oregon Christmas trees that forced prices down, growers are seeing steady prices and good demand for their trees.

Beaverton shop serves backyard farmers

Beaverton now has a supply store for backyard farmers called New Suburbia.