Must Reads

Janrain confirms $33M venture round

Portland-based Janrain confirmed that it raised $33 million in new investment, one of the biggest Oregon venture capital rounds ever.

Nike considered Austin and Vancouver

Before settling on Oregon for a major expansion, Nike considered Vancouver and Austin.

Portland Meadows faces uncertain future

Portland Meadows' latest season saw an influx of new customers by changing its racing season from winter weekdays to summer weekends, but it failed to revive the track.

Lakeside mayor resigns

Lakeside mayor-elect Ed Gowan refused to accept the job at a swearing-in ceremony.

Disabled OSU drivers get easier way to find parking

Oregon State University installed sensors to help people with disabilities find ADA-accessible parking spaces.

Springfield lets students take online classes

The Springfield school district is offering a new opportunity for online courses.

New generation of filbert growers invigorate Lane County

Many of the younger generation of filbert growers in Lane County are returning to farming life, in contrast to the rising average age of farmers elsewhere.