Must Reads

20 percent of Portland seafood mislabeled

More than 20% of seafood sold at Portland markets and restaurants is mislabeled, a new report by Oceana says.

Gresham approves $12M tax break for Boeing

Gresham approved a $12 million property tax break to help Boeing invest $300 million in new equipment at its manufacturing plant.

Lattice Semiconductor selling Hillsboro headquarters

Lattice Semiconductor is putting its Hillsboro headquarters up for sale and searching for smaller offices.

Oracle moves jobs from Mexico to Oregon

Following Apple's lead on a shift to U.S.-made, Oracle will begin to manufacture its servers and storage systems in Hillsboro instead of Mexico.

Amy's Kitchen expands in Oregon

Organic foods business Amy's Kitchen decided to build a $19 million expansion in Oregon instead of South Carolina mainly because of access to organic crops.

Janrain hires new president

Portland-based social login company Janrain hired Sanjay Khare as its new president.

Facebook donates tax break to Crook County organizations

Facebook is donating its state energy efficiency tax break of $182,000 to two Crook County organizations.