Must Reads

Ashland entrepreneur's MustHaveMenus serves thousands

Ashland entrepreneur Jim Williams' online menu provider company MustHaveMenus serves 15,000 restaurants.

Oregon commutes getting worse

A growing number of Oregon residents are forced into extreme commutes due to lasting recession effects.

Wells Fargo expanding mortgage branch in Portland

Wells Fargo is hiring 90 underwriters in Portland because of an uptick in demand for home loans.

State unemployment rate steady at 8.4 percent

Oregon's unemployment rate in January was 8.4%, as the private sector added 5,000 jobs but the public sector cut 800.

Jobless benefits dropping

Weekly unemployment benefits will drop 10.7% starting March 31, the Oregon Employment Department says.

Democrats, Republicans propose major PERS cuts

Democrats proposed $445 million in PERS cuts, while Republicans proposed more than $1.5 billion in cuts.

Eastern Oregon geothermal plant running

Oregon's first industrial-scale geothermal plant is up and running in Eastern Oregon.