Must Reads

Portland's Carbon Audio gets national attention

Portland-based Carbon Audio's wireless speaker for laptops and tablets received national attention from the New York Times.

Feds using forfeiture laws against pot growers

Federal authorities are using asset-forfeiture laws to seize money and property from people that exploit Oregon's medical marijuana program.

Portland may speed up fluoride vote

Commissioner Randy Leonard wants to speed up a public vote on proposed water fluoridation in Portland from May 2014 to May 2013.

Eugene student housing market softens

After a surge in new student housing, the rental market in Eugene has softened, raising the issue of oversupply.

Economists predict moderate growth

Business economists foresee modest growth in 2013 helped by a rebound in housing.

Home sales, prices climb

Home sales slowed in November, but were still higher than a year ago.

Legislature meets to consider Nike tax bill

Legislators are gathered to consider a bill providing tax certainty to Nike, which could have as many as 69 amendments.