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Portland tries to crack down on battery disposal

An estimated 660,000 pounds of dry-cell batteries were thrown away by Portland-area households in 2009, something the region is trying to cut down on.

Construction hiring not keeping pace with rebound

Housing construction is booming, but the industry is struggling to keep up with its workforce down 38%.

Bikes contribute $400M to Oregon tourism

Recreational bicycle travel contributes $400 million of Oregon's annual $9 billion tourism industry.

TriMet machines froze thousands of credit cards

TriMet says a programming bug on its end erroneously marked 2,500 card transactions a month for fraud.

PGE breaks ground on natural gas plant

Portland General Electric Co. broke ground on a new natural gas plant outside of Clatskanie.

Oregon incentive data incomplete

Oregon officials have filed only six of 18 required reports on $665 million in subsidies.

Oregon outpaces other states in clean jobs

Oregon ranked highest on a recent Clean Jobs Index.