Must Reads

Facebook plans cold storage in Prineville

Facebook plans to try out a more efficient storage system known as "cold storage" at its Prineville data center. The social network already holds over 240 billion photos, and users add 350 million photos every day.

Underwater mortgage rates fall in Portland

The negative mortgage equity rate fell in Portland, but 28% of all mortgage holders still owe more than their homes are worth, according to a report by Zillow.

OSU engineers test nuclear reactor

Oregon State University engineers will be testing a new nuclear energy technology that they believe can't melt down.

Closing coal plants could mean new wind energy opportunities

The planned shutdown of 2,500 megawatts in coal plants could mean new opportunities for wind energy, says Renewable Northwest Project executive director Rachel Shimshak.

Apple data center coming along

Construction is moving rapidly on Apple's new Prineville data center.

Few Oregon students taking AP classes

Oregon lags behind the national average in students taking Advanced Placement courses.

Ashland couple sells cure-all bleach

An Ashland couple says the federal government has no jurisdiction over their business of selling diluted industrial bleach as a cure for cancer, earaches and more, because it is a private health association.