Must Reads

Oregon pushes electric delivery trucks

Oregon government wants trucking companies to replace their aging diesel-powered vehicles with clean running electric ones — even though they can initially cost a lot more.

Wildfire arson team back in action

Oregon’s wildfire arson patrol will be back on duty beginning next month after a two year hiatus.

Home prices up in PDX, nation

Home prices turned upward in Portland and across the country in April, remaining below levels seen a year earlier but adding to hopes the worst has passed.

Group protests logging plan

Critics of increased logging on Oregon’s south coast took the Capitol by surprise.

Talks begin to settle port dispute

A labor dispute at the Port of Portland that has disrupted shipping traffic in the Pacific Northwest for weeks entered a new phase this week.

New focus for Pacific Retirement Services

Once an ambitious builder and buyer of senior continuing care facilities, Pacific Retirement Services has changed its focus to management, consulting and marketing.

Railroad grants to help Rogue Valley

Trains consistently moving freight over the Siskiyous will give Southern Oregon shippers a viable new option for reaching California markets and their own facilities there.