Must Reads

Council to consider Mt. Ashland expansion plan

The Mt. Ashland Association will report on plans to expand the Mt. Ashland Ski Area this spring and summer.

Homebuilder confidence declines nationwide

U.S. builders are concerned that limited land, building materials and labor will slow sales in the coming months.

Oregon delays coal permit

Oregon's Department of State Lands has put off a decision on coal shipments at the port of Morrow until Sept. 1.

Data centers expanding in suburbs

ViaWest expanded its Hillsboro data center by 20,000-square-feet.

Oregon company to sell drone defense tech

Oregon City-based Domestic Drone Countermeasures plans to sell technology to the public that disables unmanned aircraft.

Intel growth helps county roads

Intel is paying millions of dollars in Hillsboro to expand roads.

Prison whistleblower fired

Oregon Corrections Enterprises administrator Rob Killgore was fired. He blew the whistle on questionable hiring and spending at the Oregon Department of Corrections.