Must Reads

Community College growing new farmers

Clackamas Community College's new urban agriculture program is the first in the state.

Dow Jones could get a correction

Observers are predicting a correction to the rapidly rising Dow Jones.

Oregon lawmakers seek rainy day fund

House Bill 2315 hopes to create a dedicated source of funding for Oregon's reserve funds.

Minority-owned farms grow near Portland

Although the humber of total farms has stayed about the same, Washington County's minority-operated farms have increased eightfold since 1974.

Yogi Tea stays on track

Despite litigation and restructuring over Yogi Tea's previous management, the East West Tea Co. is doing well.

Oregon City proposes new budget

Oregon City officials are considering a new budget with a potential increase in property taxes.

EmX moves forward

Lane Transit District will soon begin surveying along the controversial west Eugene EmX route to prepare for construction.