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$382M in wages eligible for Gain Share program

Intel and Genentech generated about $382 million in wages that are eligible for a program that shares income taxes with counties that offer businesses property tax abatement.

Last partner drops out of Coos Bay coal port project

The last partner dropped out of a proposal to ship coal from Montana and Wyoming to Asia through the Port of Coos Bay.

Rural Oregon incomes slip

Rural Oregonians' incomes have slipped more than the incomes of their peers nationwide.

Columbia State Bank completes purchase of West Coast Bank

Columbia State Bank officially completed its $573.4 million acquisition of West Coast Bank, making Oregon's 7th largest bank.

RYU lost $9.8M in 2012

Portland-based sportswear brand Respect Your Universe lost $9.8 million in 2012 on $848,000 in sales.

ZeaChem plans cutbacks

Although ZeaChem recently began producing a plant-based biofuel at its Boardman facility, the company still plans layoffs.

Rogue releases beard yeast beer

Rogue Ales released a beer made from yeast found in its brewmaster's beard.