Must Reads

State treasurer pitches college plan

Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler aims to make higher education more affordable by having the state invest in human capital instead of physical capital such as buildings and roads.

Eugene gets experimental housing for homeless people

A Eugene city-sponsored program lets Eugene homeless people live in 6-foot-by-10-foot experimental houses called Conestoga huts.

Grocery Outlet comes to area lacking supermarkets

A new Grocery Outlet Bargain Market opened in east Portland, an area considered a "food desert" by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Republicans try to revive GOP in Oregon

With Oregon's next gubernatorial primary just over a year away, state Republicans are searching for a way to revive the party.

Pietro's Pizza survives ownership changes

Pietro's Pizza survived massive changes of growing from a mom-and-pop store to a chain of nearly 80 stores, back to its current three outlets.

Eugene nonprofit introduces children and adults to computer science

Eugene-based nonprofit Thinkersmith offers computer science exposure to both children and adults, increasing future job opportunities for participants.

Mussel harvest ban lifted

Oregon officials lifted a five-month ban on mussel harvesting in southern Oregon.