Must Reads

Mentor Graphics extends 'poison pill'

Mentor Graphics extended a "shareholder rights plan" to block hostile takeovers.

Oregon bans insecticide after bee deaths

Oregon has temporarily banned the pesticide responsible for the recent high-profile bee die-off in a Wilsonville parking lot.

Beaverton could ease food cart restrictions

Beaverton is looking to ease food cart restrictions and create food cart pods in the city.

Klamath ranchers deal with lack of water

Ranchers in the drainage areas north of Klamath Lake are being forced to ship their livestock earlier than normal after being shut off from water sources.

Portland gets crowdfunded loans

Kiva Zip brought its crowdfunded loan program popular in Kenya to Portland and other U.S. cities.

Columbia River Crossing dead in the water

Columbia River Crossing managers are closing the project, ending 96 jobs.

Oregon budget cycle begins

Oregon's two-year budget cycle begins today without a completed budget.