Must Reads

Hillsboro businesses may gain reprieve from weather protection requirements

Downtown Hillsboro merchants may soon have the choice to remove large, obstructive awnings from their storefronts.

PERS uncertainties lead to retirement rush

Public sector retirements are up 54 percent this year as Oregon legislature seeks pension reform.

Home health industry faces big cuts

Oregon's rural home health providers don’t make as much as they should from serving Medicare patients, and the state’s providers overall are slated for a big hit next year.

Klamath water shut-off begins for some ranchers

Some ranchers in the drought-stricken upper Klamath Basin will have to shut off their irrigation to satisfy the needs of the Klamath Tribes.

Sandy-damaged cars showing up for sale in Washington

Washington state's attorney general and the Better Business Bureau are warning that cars damaged in last fall's Superstorm Sandy are showing up for sale here.

Sherwood citizens may craft own business regulations

Ever since Walmart announced a 145,000-square-foot store, citizens have called for a voice in crafting and voting on regulations connected to big-box retailers.

Latest lawsuit filed against berry processor

A class action lawsuit against Townsend Farms was filed Wednesday afternoon in connection with the Hepatitis A outbreak.