Must Reads

Oregon Legislature mandates midwife licensing

The Oregon Legislature passed a bill that requires mandatory licensing of midwives.

Bank CEO steps down to lead SBA

Eugene-based Summit Bank CEO Ann Marie Mehlum is stepping down to become associate administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Capital Access.

Hollywood District's last used bookstore closing

Northeast Portland's Second Glance Books is closing, and then there won't be any used book stores left in the Hollywood District.

Oregon Legislature adjourns

The 2013 Oregon Legislature came to an anticlimactic close July 8.

Oregon timber harvest up 36 percent

Oregon's timber harvest in 2012 was up 36% from its 2009 low.

Oregon has more jobs available

Oregon still has four unemployed people for every job opening, but the number of job vacancies is more than double those of 2009, according to a study by the state Employment Department.

Portland families need $69K to live modestly

A family of four in the Portland area needs to make $69,000 a year to live modestly.