Must Reads

Oregon budget sees biggest increase since recession

Taking into account all Oregon state revenue, the government will spend $59.8 billion in the next two years, a 4.6% increase from the last budget cycle.

TriMet union wants better security

The TriMet union is calling for more security after three stabbings of drivers on duty in the last 10 months.

Oregon VC back to normal

Oregon venture capital activity slowed in the second quarter.

Mozilla expanding Portland office

Mozilla plans to expand its Portland office and move into its own space.

Flipping houses down in Oregon

Home flipping is down in Oregon, but profits have increased significantly.

Corvallis company delivers smallpox drug

Corvallis-based Siga Technologies will get a $79 million payment for a smallpox drug it developed as part of U.S. defenses against terror and biological attacks.

Hillsboro getting 2 new hotels

Two large hotels are breaking ground in Hillsboro, after years of near misses.