Must Reads

Neil Kelly acquires solar company

Neil Kelly acquired a Portland solar energy installation firm.

Oregon college savings board lifts barrier

Oregon's college savings board decided to allow investors to set up accounts in both plans for the benefit of one person.

Seniors keep Medford airport afloat

Rogue Valley-Medford International Airport's sustained passenger traffic rebound can be attributed to the elderly.

Portland startup Meridian sold

Portland mapping startup Meridian was sold to Silicon Valley-based Aruba Networks.

Oregon scientists make stem cells from cloned human embryos

OHSU researchers produced embryonic stem cells from a cloned human embryo.

Intel's shares climbed during Otellini's years

Intel's share price climbed 17% during Paul Otellini's eight years as CEO.

Flir gets $82.4M Army deal

Wilsonville's Flir Systems won an Army contract worth up to $82.4 million.