Must Reads

Controversial apartment building sells for $41M

To some, Burnside 26 represents Portland's gentrification problem.

Portland votes to decommission reservoirs

The council has yet to decide whether to cover the Mt. Tabor reservoirs.

The first-ever marijuana commercial that wasn't

KATU pulled the advertisement for legal pot, which would have been first in the nation.

Oregon unemployment increases in July

Despite an increased number of job openings, the state's jobless rate rose to 5.9%.

Willamette Valley Vineyards seeks $6M investment

The company is launching a preferred stock offering to aid expansion.

Portland salad subscription company grows

Möbius Microfarms builds modular aquaponics systems and will launch a salad subscription service.

Price of gas in Oregon stays under $3 a gallon

Fuel prices in the Midwest have increased substantially, but in Oregon, the cost has decreased.