Must Reads

Moda's resources make it able to afford Rose Garden

Moda Health's insurance reports show it has enough resources to afford the Rose Garden naming rights.

Legislators to review wind farm tax credits

House and Senate committees will hold hearings to examine the Oregon Department of Energy's decision to approve three separate tax credits worth $30 million for the Shepherds Flat wind farm.

Supermarkets elude East Portland neighborhoods

The reasons for east Portland's continuing lack of food access reveal as much about the grocery industry as the city's most neglected communities.

Junction City biogas generator to power 1,500 homes

The new facility is an alternative-energy plant that will use food scraps and farm waste to create a renewable source of energy for power utilities in the Willamette Valley.

Tribal fisheries open commercial salmon sales

The Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission announced fishers from four tribes are on the Columbia River for the gillnet fishery of the 2013 fall commercial season.

New Seasons opens store on North Williams—with sausage

The North Williams Avenue New Seasons opens Wednesday on the former site of Sinner's Sausage.

Health care-forest initiative aims to preserve family tree farms

The Forest Health Human Health initiative would link land owners with carbon offset buyers, generating annual income that would be deposited in a health care account over 20 years.