Must Reads

Umpqua Bank acquires Sterling Bank for $2B

Portland-based Umpqua Holdings is buying Spokane-based Sterling Financial in a $2 billion deal.

Portland getting new $20M social impact fund

A $20 million social impact fund known as Northwest Social Venture Fund is set to launch in Portland this fall.

Portlanders embracing suburbs

As home sales are improving, the highest prices are still being paid for homes in the suburbs of Portland, including Washington County, Lake Oswego and West Linn.

Oregon researchers work on HIV vaccine

Oregon Health and Science University researchers used a vaccine to cure 50% of monkeys infected with a cousin of the HIV virus.

Oregon students' test scores fall

Fewer Oregon schools met state benchmarks on standardized tests last year, with students struggling on math, writing and science at every grade level.

New Portland crematorium angers neighbors

Residents of Portland's Montavilla neighborhood are unhappy about a new crematorium in their area.

Oregon man pioneers aquaponics

Nick Fox is a pioneer in the field of aquaponics, which combines hydroponics and aquaculture to grow tilapia and crops.