Must Reads

CoburgNorth filling up

Coburg's new industrial business park CoburgNorth is filling up with tenants.

GOP proposes larger PERS cuts

House and Senate Republicans released a proposal to cut PERS even more and save $1.3B.

Kitzhaber to sign benefit companies bill

Gov. John Kitzhaber plans to sign the benefit companies measure that will allow companies to use a sustainability indicator in their registration info.

Japan postpones order from Portland grain shipper

Japan postponed a 25,000-ton order from a Portland grain shipper after genetically engineered wheat plants were found in an eastern Oregon field.

EU wants to test wheat shipments

The European Union is recommending testing of U.S. wheat shipments after genetically modified wheat was found in Oregon.

Utility responsibility shifts from renters to owners

Redmond's city council unanimously approved a measure that makes water, sewer and garbage accounts to be in the names of property owners instead of tenants.

Baseball tournament boosts Willamette Valley economy

Six U.S. teams are joining Oregon and Oregon State universities in playoff tournaments this weekend in the Willamette Valley.