Must Reads

Port of Portland to export Fords

The Port of Portland will soon export vehicles to China for the first time.

New Seasons raises property values in North Portland

A New Seasons-style grocery raises nearby property values about 20%, forcing affordable housing out of the neighborhood.

Southern and Central Oregon changing

Opinions in Southern and Central Oregon are getting closer to those in the Portland metro area, thanks to an influx of new residents and a diversifying economy.

Nike teams up with Poler

Nike announced a new apparel and footwear collaboration with Portland-based Poler.

Peter DeFazio criticizes environmental groups

Rep. Peter DeFazio says that opposition to his bill to increase timber harvests is coming from "radical groups."

Government shutdown weighs on Oregon's economy

About one-third of Oregon's 27,700 federal employees are likely to be furloughed due to the government shutdown.

Columbia Sportswear to endorse gay marriage

Columbia Sportswear and CEO Tim Boyle will support the proposed 2014 initiative to repeal the ban and legalize same sex marriage in Oregon.