Must Reads

Oregon moves forward with driving tax

Oregon's plan to tax motorists based on number of miles driven rather than amount of fuel consumed is expected to launch in 2015 on a volunteer basis.

Adidas remains committed to Portland

Portland-based Adidas America and Reebok, based in Massachusetts, are combining into Adidas Group North America.

Oregon broke labor laws

Oregon broke labor laws with its largest union two years ago when it forbid employees from using work email to talk about union matters, the state's Employment Relations Board decided.

Portland light rail brings new development

The new light rail line through Portland's Brooklyn neighborhood could bring new apartments and a community market to the area.

Oregon strawberries find growth

The Oregon strawberry is primed for a comeback after decades of slow decline.

Hanjin Shipping pulls out of Portland

The Port of Portland's biggest trans-Pacific container carrier, Hanjin Shipping Co., intends to pull out of Portland after two decades of service.

Intel supports marriage equality

Intel came out in favor of same-sex marriage, joining other big businesses in Oregon.