Must Reads

Oregon's lower wages not keeping up with inflation

Oregon's middle wages are barely keeping up with the rising cost of living, and lowest-paid workers are taking home less than in 2002 after adjusting for inflation.

Klamath Tribes, irrigators sign water agreement

Upper Klamath Basin irrigators and tribal members reached a water-sharing agreement after months of talks.

Nike introduces waterless dyeing

Nike opened a water free dyeing facility in Taiwan.

Oregon crab season delayed

The Oregon Dungeness crab season is being delayed until at least Dec. 15.

NuScale procures 100 patents

Portland-based NuScale Power has passed the 100-patent mark.

SEIU targeting hospitals

The Service Employees International Union is proposing healthcare cost ballot initiatives in California and Oregon that industry officials say is covering up a union organizing drive.

Lane County getting natural gas fueling station

Eugene is getting the first natural gas fueling station in Oregon to serve the public.