Must Reads

Oregon has eight tech IPOs in the pipeline

Eight Oregon companies are considering initial public offerings, according to a new report by CB Insights.

Oregon last in health insurance sign-ups

Only 44 Oregonians were able to sign up for private health insurance through Cover Oregon in October and November, making Oregon last in the country.

OSU ag enrollment grows

Oregon State University's agriculture college is attracting record enrollment.

Former Evergreen employees file suit

Former Evergreen International Aviation employees have filed suit against the company after it scaled back operations.

Portland recovering while rural Oregon lags

At the Oregon Business Plan Leadership Summit, business leaders expressed concern that rural Oregon is being left out of the state's economic recovery.

Agriculture industry an early drone technology adopter

Unmanned planes could rapidly transform agriculture, similar to moving from analog to digital technology.

Oregon releases medical marijuana guidelines

An Oregon committee is coming up with a set of guidelines for medical marijuana regulation.