Must Reads

Rogue Farm Corps trains new farmers

Rogue Farm Corps trains a new generation of farmers and ranchers.

Engineering and software enrollment up at Oregon universities

Enrollment in technical programs are up at Portland State University and Oregon State University.

Volunteers want to start noncommercial radio station on Coast

A group of 60 volunteers is raising funds to start a noncommercial radio station in Florence.

Mental health facilities coming to Eastern Oregon

As Oregon gets ready to close the Blue Mountain Recovery Center in Pendleton, three mental health facilities are set to open nearby.

DOE to invest $226M in NuScale Power

NuScale Power received a federal government funding round of up to $226 million to develop small modular reactor technology.

Longshoremen win port jobs

Gov. Kitzhaber assigned two disputed Port of Portland jobs to longshoremen, hoping to keep Hanjin from abandoning the city.

Sales tax debate hits Oregon again

Gov. Kitzhaber is gathering business and political leaders to discuss a sales tax in Oregon.