Must Reads

Oregon among top for 2013 job growth

The state's job growth was third fastest last year.

BPA appoints new administrator

Elliot Mainzer was named administrator of the Bonneville Power Administration.

Farm Bill allows growing hemp for research

The industrial hemp amendment allows colleges, universities and state agriculture departments to grow hemp for research purposes.

Bill the Butcher Inc. adding 10 shops

The Seattle-based chain plans to add 10 butcher shop locations in Portland.

Sen. Ron Wyden becomes chief patron in Congress

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is poised to head the Senate Finance Committee.

'Right to work' up for debate

The measure allowing public union employees to refuse to pay their dues will appear before the U.S. Supreme Court this month.

Eugene inventor patents prospecting tool

Mark Peterson, owner of Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Inc., has sold more than 2,200 gold panning kits in 14 months.