Must Reads

Many Oregonians will face insurance gap come January

Many Oregonians will not have subsidized health-insurance coverage by Jan. 1 because their applications were deemed incomplete by Cover Oregon.

Sequestration will not affect federal aid to timber counties

Oregon's timber counties will not be affected by mandatory budget cuts to January's federal subsidy checks.

Navy stays fully charged with OpConnect

The U.S. Navy ordered five additional charging stations from OpConnect, a Portland company specializing in electric vehicle charging technology.

Portland named "Best City in America"

Movato, a real-estate company, recently named Portland the Best City in America.

Dismal Nitch rest area to receive modern facelift

The National Park Service plans to renovate a "dismal" area near the north end of the Astoria Bridge beginning in 2015.

Oregon makes money by selling voter information

In the past five years Oregon has generated $86,226 by selling voter information to political parties, campaigns, and private corporations.

Oregon's online health exchange is still offline

Oregon's online health-insurance exchange is the only system nationwide that has not gone live.