Must Reads

McMinnville Evergreen HQ for sale

The sale is a result of bankruptcy proceedings; the buildings are listed for nearly $23 million individually, or for $20 million as a package deal.

Salem council considers changes to food truck rules

Salem City Council is reviewing an ordinance that would allow food trucks and carts to gather in "pods," similar to those found in the Portland area.

Pearl District apartment building sells

The Asa Flats & Lofts building sold for $105.5 million, the largest sale in the Portland area this year.

Portland Kickstarter campaign is trending

The Coolest, a high-tech cooler by Portland inventor Ryan Grepper, reached its campaign goal of $50,000 is just 36 hours.

Oregon performs high in latest health insurance rankings

A WalletHub report showed Oregon's coverage rate — the number of people who actually carry insurance — as one of the nation's best.

Airport Way corridor to add distribution center

Portland-based Specht Development is preparing to build a 492,000-square-foot distribution center.

Portland startup scores deal with Massachusetts company

TrustID will partner with voice technology maker Nuance Communications.