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Cover Oregon will miss fed enrollment deadline

The state's online health insurance exchange will not open to the public before the end of March.

Portland tri-counties to add more jobs

More than half of Oregon's new jobs will be concentrated in Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties.

PSU professor wins surprise grant

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt presented Professor Tom Shrimpton with a $96,400 grant to fund his research on overcoming online censorship.

Nike surpasses Adidas in Europe

The athletic footwear and apparel company is now No. 1 in Europe.

Lane County housing market on the upswing

Home sales in the area remained unchanged compared to 2013, but housing prices continued to increase.

PSU faculty union may strike

Members of Portland State University's faculty union have agreed to strike if union leaders call for a strike.

Feds blast Oracle Corp., Cover Oregon

A federal investigation describes the online insurance exchange's contractor, Oracle, as domineering and unresponsive.