Must Reads

Uber GM to Eugene city council: Proposal to allow company to operate is flawed

In a letter to city officials, Brooke Steger said Eugene's proposed Uber regulations would make the company apprehensive about operating in the city.

Oregon exporter: West Coast ports shutting down a 'disaster'

Exporters in the state bemoan a temporary shutdown of ports on the West Coast caused by broken-down labor negotiations.

Intel employees at risk after hack of Anthem

The massive data hack on insurance provider Anthem has broad implications.

Report: Oregon economy expanded at fast rate to end 2014

A University of Oregon study found growth in hiring as well as in construction and manufacturing.

Senate president, speaker of the house address Kitzhaber scandal

They didn't say much of substance, but Tina Kotek and Peter Courtney did acknowledge the governor's troubles Thursday afternoon.

Oregon legislators address drones, vaccinations

State senator aims to end "personal belief" exemption of vaccination requirements; rep wants to ban hunting, fishing with drones.

Erickson to undertake organizational restructuring, plans to lay off 150

 The move will improve its ability to compete, the aviation company announced Thursday.