Must Reads

Kickstarter entrepreneur uses funds to pay rent, move to Oregon

Portland man, Federal Trade Commission, settle in the first case involving crowdfunding.

Doping allegations piling up against Nike Oregon Project

Three more athletes have come forward alleging Nike coach Alberto Salazar distributed performance-enhancing drugs.

Intel starts round of layoffs

The largest private employer in Oregon is trimming its operations after years of slow sales.

TPP slowed by defeat of accompanying bill

President Obama cannot pursue Trans-Pacific Partnership unless Trade Adjustment Assistance bill passes.

Feds bolster fund for drought relief in the West

In response to a historically-dry winter, $110 million has been allocated for a fiery summer.

Judge dismisses Oracle's suit against Kitzhaber consultants

Multnomah County Court judge sides with political consultants in Cover Oregon case.

Oregon needs funding help with deficient bridges

There are 439 bridges in the state that are classified as "structually deficient" and the local jurisdictions in charge of many of them have little recourse.