Must Reads

Rents soar, wages stagnate across nation

More than 25 percent of American renters spend half of their income on housing costs.

US, Canadian governments announce oil train rules

Under new rules, companies will have to disclose even less information to the public.

Uber VP rebuffs notion that Portland changed its modus operandi

During an event with Portland mayor Charlie Hales, David Plouffe said Uber 's approach to the Portland market will not guide future strategy.

Law leads to fewer vaccine opt outs

The vaccine exemption rate decreased 17 percent from last year.

Women in craft brewing on the rise

In Lane Co., women are assuming leadership roles as the industry grows.

Underwater volcano erupts off Oregon coast

Small earthquakes on the seafloor cause Axial Seamount to erupt.

Portland expects $50M in spending money

2015-16 budget bolstered by business license fees.