Must Reads

Pro-Measure 92 group takes recount fight to court

Supporters of GMO labeling contend 4,600 ballots were unfairly invalidated.

Regulators fall behind inspecting Oregon grocery stores

FDA code says stores should be checked biannually, but due to skimpy budgets, state goals for once-a-year inspections fall short.

PSU study: Carbon tax would have negligible impact on economy

The study found that a $30 per ton tax would bring the state's emissions back down to those of the late 20th century.

Expect delays if Google Fiber is to launch in Portland

The "hyperfast Internet service" has been in operation in Kansas City as the company eyes extending it into the Rose City.

Lake Oswego's Greenbrier announces order of 14,100 railcars

The total haul is expected to approximate $1.25 billion of new orders.

TriMet GM touts impact of new MAX line

The public construction project has provided $170 million to small businesses owned by people of color and women, according to the transit provider.

Junction City psychiatric facility construction almost complete

The 220,000 square-foot sanatorium could be open by the end of the month.