Must Reads

U.S. trade deficit climbs 15.3 percent

A drop in exports and rise in imports at the end of 2011 pushed the U.S. trade deficit to its widest point in three years.

All but 4 banks pass stress test

All but four of the 19 major U.S. banks are strong enough to survive another serious recession, according to the Federal Reserve.

Portland unemployment drops below national level

Greater Portland's unemployment rate fell to 8.2% in January, below the nation's jobless rate for the first time in three-and-a-half years.

Kulongoski nets 3 PERS checks

Former Gov. Ted Kulongoski is the only current public retiree receiving three separate benefit checks from PERS.

Timbers boost local businesses

The kickoff of the Portland Timbers' season is a boost for local businesses.

Portland law firm represents Shell Oil

Portland law firm Stoel Rives is working on behalf of Shell Oil against Greenpeace.

Alaska Airlines pitches PDX to D.C. flight

Alaska Airlines asked the federal government for permission to add a direct flight from Washington, D.C. to Portland.