Must Reads

Portland gets community solar panels

Portland signed a grant agreement with Seattle-based Tangerine Power to install solar panels on eight community structures.

Southern Oregon water shortage worries farmers

A water shortage in Southern Oregon has farmers worried they won't receive enough irrigation water from the Klamath Reclamation Project.

Siltronic to cut 350 Portland jobs

Siltronic will cease production this Fall at one of its two Portland fabs, because of the semiconductor industry's increasing reliance on bigger, more efficient silicon wafers.

Corvallis company develops human power

Corvallis-based Perpetua Power Source Technologies is working on thermal electric generators that, when embedded in clothing, can generate power from body heat.

China home to 5 of top 10 solar module makers

Five of the world's top 10 solar module makers are in China, making up 22.4% of the market.

Crowds wait at Pioneer Place Mall for iPad release

A crowd of nearly 175 waited in line at Pioneer Place Mall in downtown Portland an hour before Apple was set to release their newest iPad.

Portland home sales rise

Portland-area home sales rose in February, and continue to climb.