Must Reads

CEO pay hits record high

CEOs at typical public companies made $9.6 million in 2011, a record high.

Lambs must lose weight, expert says

OSU professor Jim Thompson says lambs must lose weight for the market to improve.

Goody's opening Eugene store

Bend-based Goody's is opening a store at Eugene's Fifth Street Public Market.

Prospective Hynix buyer would create data center

A real estate investment firm has a tentative deal to buy the Eugene Hynix plant and turn it into a data center.

Portland homeowners $9.5B under water

Over one-third of Portland homeowners were underwater on their mortgage in the year's first quarter.

Nike stock could be headed downward

Unrest in Europe and an oversupply of products will hurt Nike sales and drive down the stock price below $100, a stock analyst says.

Propane gains acceptance in Oregon

Propane is catching on as a gasoline alternative in Oregon.