Must Reads

East Coast storm cancels PDX flights

Many flights are grounded at the Portland International Airport as the East Coast braces for a major blizzard.

Lawmakers considered special legislation for 'Azalea'

Oregon lawmakers considered special legislation to lure "Azalea," the mysterious computer chip factory.

Oregon energy loans under scrutiny

State Sen. Richard Devlin wants the Legislature to investigate a popular state loan program that made a series of bad loans.

Pacific University partners with Zipcar

Pacific University is partnering with Zipcar to offer a campus car-sharing program.

Eugene-based Excalibur Cutlery and Gifts closing all stores

Excalibur Cutlery & Gifts lost its lease at Washington Square after 30 years, leading the company to file or bankruptcy.

Nike came close to building outside of Oregon

Nike considered expanding outside of Oregon just days before Gov. Kitzhaber announced the company's in-state expansion, according to emails released by the state.

SolarWorld will survive, CEO says

SolarWorld CEO Frank Asbeck says SolarWorld will survive its fiscal crisis that dropped share prices by 31% in a day.