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Clark County wineries become tourism destinations

Clark County's fledgling commercial wine industry has grown from three to 14 wineries in a few years, and is quickly becoming a tourism destination.

New Bandon creamery breaks ground

Officials broke ground on the new Face Rock Creamery factory and retail shop on the site of the former Bandon Cheese Factory that closed 10 years ago.

Oregon economy on the mend, but outlook is pessimistic

Oregon's tax revenues are $80 million ahead of projections for the current two-year budget, but economists say the outlook for the next two years is more pessimistic.

Higher PERS costs expected next year

Public employers will pay a lot more next year toward their employees' retirements—an average of 21% of payroll.

Oregon casts 23 of 28 delegate votes for Romney

Oregon Republican delegates cast 23 of their 28 delegates for Mitt Romney.

Schnitzer laying off 300 workers

Schnitzer Steel Industries will lay off 7% of its workforce company-wide due to higher scrap prices and reduced demand.

Income dividing Portland's neighborhoods

More neighborhoods in Portland are segregated by income today than 30 years ago.