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Metro may seek lottery funds for Convention Center hotel

Metro officials consider seeking $15 million in state lottery funds to help fund a proposed hotel at the Oregon Convention Center.

GMO ban on Jackson County ballot

Jackson County voters will decide in May 2014 whether to ban genetically modified crops.

Oregon State Fair could get new management

Other management options are being considered for the Oregon State Fair amid complaints about how the fair has been run recently.

Nicky USA acquires Aurora organic farm

Portland meat distributor Nicky USA acquired a 31-acre farm in Aurora to begin raising its own meat.

W+K picks John C Jay to lead smaller shop

Wieden+Kennedy picked global co-executive creative director John C Jay to lead W+K Garage, the company's new independent creative shop.

Bus company in fatal Oregon crash banned from U.S.

The driver of a motor coach that crashed in Oregon last month, killing nine, had worked in excess of what is allowed, according to the USDOT, which has ordered the Canadian bus company to cease operations in the U.S.

Truckers: 'You can't wait to get out of Oregon so you can relax'

Oregon is experimenting with salting roads along a few state border crossings but it has no plans to apply rock salt to Interstate 84, where a bus crash last month killed nine people. "At some point we have to see that this is costing lives. I'm tired of seeing cars turned upside down on my route," said Oregon truck driver Larry Phelps.