Must Reads

Timber panel calls for Congressional action

Governor Kitzhaber's O&C Lands Panel called for Congressional action to ensure financial stability of Oregon timber counties.

Urban Airship raises $25M; plans hiring surge

Push notification startup Urban Airship announced $25 million in new backing, which the company plans to use to expand its hiring and growth plans.

Oregon lost jobs to trade pacts

Oregon lost 1,911 jobs in 2012 due to international trade pacts, according to U.S. Labor Department data.

Democrats' agenda includes growing jobs in rural Oregon

The Senate Democrats' agenda includes growing jobs in rural Oregon, especially in farming and timber communities.

Plastic bag ban could include a fee

The expanding effort to ban plastic bags in Oregon could include a five-cent fee for paper bags.

New Relic raises $80M

San Francisco software company New Relic raised $80 million from investors. The company has a large presence in Portland.

Bend reopens discussion on water project

Bend city councilors are reopening the discussion about proceeding with the $68 million Bridge Creek water supply project.