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Oregon economy rises for fourth month

Oregon's economic outlook improved in January for the fourth month in a row.

Portland college-educated workers depress area's earning power

Portland's young college-educated men tend to choose majors, careers and work hours that lead to low pay.

ClearEdge gets $36M in financing

Hillsboro's ClearEdge Power landed a $36 million funding round to help expand sales activities.

Port of Morrow economy strengthening

A Lamb Weston plant expansion, Tillamook County Creamery plant construction and Calbee Foods plant expansion are all contributing to a strengthening economy at the Port of Morrow in Eastern Oregon.

Oregon car insurance cheaper than most of U.S.

The average cost of car insurance in Oregon is $1,387, 8% lower than the national average of $1,510.

Portland startup enables Facebook purchases

Portland startup Chirpify expanded its online commerce technology to Facebook. It offers a similar service on Twitter and Instagram.

TriMet tests new ticketing system

TriMet is testing new ticketing machines for its buses that make higher-quality two-hour tickets and day passes.