Must Reads

Intel's shares climbed during Otellini's years

Intel's share price climbed 17% during Paul Otellini's eight years as CEO.

Flir gets $82.4M Army deal

Wilsonville's Flir Systems won an Army contract worth up to $82.4 million.

Lane County home sales improve

Lane County home prices and number of transactions increased in April, echoing the national housing market rebound.

Unemployment still high among young Oregonians

Unemployment among young adults in Oregon is more than double the state average.

Portland gets first community solar project

Portland's Southwest Community Center is getting a set of solar panels from an Oregon Community Foundation grant.

Oregon knife companies hope to relax TSA rules

Oregon's knife manufacturers are hoping the TSA will follow through on its plans to permit small knives aboard aircraft again.

Olympia oysters thrive

Oregon's only native oyster was harvested nearly to extinction a century ago, but is now thriving off the coast again.