Must Reads

Oregon coast prepares for dangerous debris

A dangerous form of debris could soon wash up on the Oregon Coast.

OHSU patient info compromised

More than 4,000 Oregon Health & Science University patients have been notified that their personal information was in a surgeon's laptop that was stolen.

Lewis and Clark gets master's law degree

Lewis & Clark Law School's newest degree is a master's program for law students to learn about environmental law without practicing it.

Bill would allow Oregon to bargain for better health insurance rates

House Bill 2118 would let Oregon negotiate with health insurance plans before letting them sell insurance on a state website.

SBA loans increase

Oregon small businesses received a record number of taxpayer-guaranteed loans for the second year in a row.

Eugene company goes up against Schnitzer Steel

Eugene-based Pacific Recycling wants to expand to include a metal shredder, but competitor Schnitzer Steel is trying to halt that expansion.

Four Oregon airport towers among 149 closing

Four Oregon air traffic control towers are among the 149 the Federal Aviation Administration is closing by May 5.